jetBlue TrueBlue

JetBlue travelers are some of the most dedicated and active loyalty members in the air. As part of the jetBlue TrueBlue loyalty program these members have access to amazing perks from their favorite airline, which leads to a number of personalized updates and status alerts. With this much activity and customer data available we've been able to help the TrueBlue team reach their members in new ways through the digital channel, keeping them informed, motivated and engaged.  

TrueBlue Monthly eStatement


JetBlue TrueBlue members are always in the air, accumulating points and miles along the way. This program is incredibly robust with hundreds of unique badge awards and several concurrent earning tracks that unlock new member rewards. To help keep these members up to date on their status, jetBlue provides a monthly statement detailing their recent activity. The initial version of this communication felt overstuffed with cross-promotional and static content that didn't mirror the level of customized data in a member's dashboard web experience. We reworked this communication from the ground up to refocus the messaging back on the customer and their real needs from a monthly recap. We enhanced this experience with personal and family point levels, dynamic activity messaging and live bonus tracker thermometer bars that visually represented a member's status and encouraged them to reach their goals. 

Visualizing Membership Data

The jetBlue TrueBlue loyalty membership includes an impressive level of data trackers and rewards graphics, which is displayed beautifully in a member's dashboard on the web. We knew bringing as much of this visualized data as possible into an email communication would help showcase that uniquely jetBlue experience. Over several weeks we user tested data tracker styles, color palettes and content hierarchy to ensure all information was presented in a clear and balanced. 

TrueBlue Member Personas

Every flier is unique and this communication needs to feel as personalized as possible. As with the jetBlue Fare Sale campaign, we developed a series of user personas that travel in a variety of ways. Type styling, color indicators and other visual treatments blend with customized messaging and promotional content so ensure every traveler is presented with the most intuitive and cohesive experience possible.

Creative Director: Julie Montgomery  ::  Art Director & Design Lead: Luke Bracken  ::  HTML Development: Steven Collins


TrueBlue Mosaic Snapshot

Mosaic members are the most active and devoted level of the TrueBlue program. They're flying constantly, delivering a large quantity of actionable data that we can leverage to help speak directly to their individual needs. Running parallel with the TrueBlue eStatement, the Mosaic Snapshot campaign showcases recent traveler activity with a much bolder and direct visual style. Using techniques like affinity mapping and +/Delta charts, we identified the top features that this specialized audience really wants to know more about. From their most recent badge rewards and TrueBlue points earned, to their charity point donations and most popular route flown, our goal was to deliver a completely personalized experience for this unique style of traveler that is consistently on the move.   

Creative Director: Julie Montgomery  ::  Art Director & Design Lead: Luke Bracken  ::  HTML Development: James Wurm